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    Welcome to the Shane Deruise Photography forum, a place for artists and individuals interested in photography, post production, and computer effects. Our goal is to provide an outlet for artists to collaborate and share ideas and information in a welcoming and enjoyable environment.

    As a family friendly website, all discussions expected to stay friendly and professional. We encourage constructive commentary and friendly advice. Please remember that we are a community of far-reaching talents and artists as well as individuals from all over the world. Be sure to read through the site FAQs before asking questions that have been answered.

    Work Examples
    Please post all tests and videos for show in the showcase Forum: Showcase

    Prohibited conduct:
    Illegal mischief, offensive behavior, inappropriate material, angry or hateful remarking is also forbidden. Think of it as a non-conflict zone.

    • Please do not post in all CAPS
    • Please give your posts/topics meaningful subject titles
    • Please do not use confusing names like “Shane Deruise”
    • Please do not ask questions that are answered in the FAQ’s
    • Please do not hijack posts with your own subject
    • Please email support with website malfunctions so we can fix right away
    • Please be respectful and courteous
    • Please post only in the appropriate forums
    • Please don’t Bump your own topic unnecessarily
    • Please don’t double post in multiple forums

    Advertising & Self Promotion:
    Please note this forum is not meant as a platform for monetary or competitive advertising. We don’t have 3rd party ads and we want to keep it that way

    Please do not self-moderate topics that break rules by posting a reply. There is a flag post button that will notify our moderators.

    If you break the rules you may or may not be warned and your posting deleted. We are strictly enforcing the rules at this time to keep posts and content appropriate.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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