I would like to order several sizes of the same print… how is this possible?
Thought it seems complicated it is quite simple. Once you have added your first size selection to your cart, you may select another size in the drop down menu and then add that size to your cart!
I would like to order a print that is on your site/blog but is not shown in store. Is this possible?
Absolutely! Feel free to email the studio here with a link to the image and we will get it in the store ASAP!
I have an idea for a tutorial, where can I submit it?
You can make a suggestion here.
I need help with a product, where should I go?
Please check our support topics to the right to narrow down your specific problem, if you are unable to locate a solution please contact support at support@shanederuise.com. You can also check out our forums here for insight into our applications and for support from our community.
Do your digital & plugin products work with other compositing applications?
Any digital or plugins package will have its specific software application listed in its description. Most will be designed specifically for certain application such as Photoshop or Lightroom. However, a photoshop curves pack CAN be utilized in After Effects with a bit of research, or we may release such a tutorial at a later time.
Where do you get the sounds from in your promos:
They SFX that we produce in-house on a makeshift foley stage.