Several days ago, Shay and Brayson Dane tracked a stray known to some as Alden. Hoping to deter his trackers, Alden led the dog and the puppy into the Fearful Forest and into a long-abandoned tower. In the midst of a fight between the two hunters and a few rats, Shay plummeted below into a dark hole, leaving Brayson to fend for himself. Vowing to save his dad, Brayson entered Hunter’s Haven in hopes of finding those to help.


Brayson enters the Inn. No one seems to pay the puppy any mind, likely as he has been here many times before. The player characters can stop him. If pressed, Brayson informs them that his father is in danger. He states that he has two friends he wanted to bring.

The option to have the party be player characters and Brayson is Scene 2. The option to add to the party of two additional Non-Player Characters is Scene 3 and Scene 4.

Scene 1: Convincing Brayson to talk.
How did the players get to this scene? Deciding to speak to Brayson about why he’s alone in the haven.

What do the players need to accomplish in this scene? To convince Brayson to tell them about the quest and about his father.

Who or what is keeping them from accomplishing it? Brayson’s reluctance.
What scenes or scenes should logically happen next? Scene 3. “Convincing Clyde to Join.”

Brayson enters the Hunters’ Haven at high noon. He is young, petite in stature, and wide-eyed. His cape is tattered and his boots are muddy. For a moment, he appears lost – not in the place, but in his own mind. When approached, Brayson is reluctant to share his story to strangers. The party becomes aware that the puppy who can’t be older than 8 years of age was in a battle against rats when his father fell down a dark hole. Convincing him requires a Charisma check of 10. Characters with a Hunter or Soldier background gain an advantage on their check.

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