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I am represented by:
Walls Fine Art :: Norfolk, VA

A Bridge to Radio Island.
The only time I have felt close to my family, is when I am photographing them within their most vulnerable of states, most of the time, while they are dying. Their ghost casting a shadow through me. I can remember the exact moment when I actually felt like someone supported my art. I had visited my granny and she had been in and out of the hospital for about three weeks beforehand, and she told me that no matter what happened, that she wanted me to take pictures. She was the first of my family to make me feel that what I was striving to do, was worth it.

I’ve tried over the years to become something my parents would be proud of. That may have been the reason they set out to give birth to me in the first place. Just so one day I could visit home with stories that would make them proud, or that if I had not made it back, their lungs would fail at the thought of my accomplishments. On either end, it all seemed very pointless to me. I never felt like I had made myself worthwhile.

The truth is that so many years have gone by, that I believe they have lost hope in me. Never quite finding my place. In my early years I thought that all families were this way, stale and speechless. An emotionless vessel. The more time I spent with friends and their families, seeing how they hugged each other and asked how their day was I realized, it may have just been me all along. With no focus, I followed my dream to its logical conclusion.

I'm a result. I'm a product. I fit a mold. My environment created me. I'm genetic. I'm multi-cellular. I exist on a molecular level. I exist because you tell me I do. I'm lawless, but not chaotic. I'm lungs, not oxygen. I'm a consumer, but I can be consumed. I don't know who I am, but I know what I am, and I think that's a start.

I'm a body part collection. Tissue, bone, muscle, fat. The woman I love has a Latin name for every piece of me. Those words glide through my skull, leaving traces of smile inside. I'm a lesson in anatomy. God gave me the ability to shape the knife and hand it to my viewer, knowing this gift would only hinder a person like me. Some men wear their emotions like tuxedos, tall lost penguins, I tear mine off and leave them in empty piles on the stage.

Sure, it's trashy, but what more could you expect from someone like me? A self-parody. A story you probably didn't want to hear. Inside, there's a person you don't want to meet. When it's night like this, and I'm in bed, and it's two in the morning, and I can't sleep, the traffic light outside casts three colors on my anxious face. Steady now, steady. Then, in this night, I want to say, "I want to be ugly for everyone but you. I want to be smart for you." I want to say, "You're the reason I'm a man, your the reason I cherish these frames." I want to say, "You're beautiful." These are the times when I want to take back everything I said in the first paragraph and tell you that for you, I want to change this world we live in.

I was made to be consumed. I'm fuel for something else, this coffin known as art. You can mold this planet into anything you want, it'll still come out as potential energy. You were born to be burned. There's really no such thing as tragedy. You have no choice except to live in the real world. This is the only place that will take you in.

This is the place you are forced to call home.

Though the clients I've worked for, and publications I have been featured in are numerous,
I will try to list them over time.

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Adamas Fashion House
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IndyAlley Magazine
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Mario’s Pizzeria
Music Monitor Network
North Carolina King Mackerel Tournament
Sphere Magazine
Se7en Magazine

200x200 Magazine
City Sound Media
Coach CREW Pro Wrestling

The people that inspire me...
Granny, Camille, Greg, Robert, Rich...

·Tightrope Walker: Works Inspired by Sex, Drugs, and Genderbending
Labour Love Gallery, Durham, NC
·Circa. the Blood
Slim's Downtown Distillery, Raleigh, NC 2009
·A Slow and Peaceful Death (Solo Exhibition)
Starbucks on the Pramenade, Virginia Beach, VA 2009
· (Solo Exhibition)
The Space, Charlotte, NC 2007
·15th Annual “Art from the Heart” Exhibition
3 Pieces, Art Council of Carteret County, Morehead City, NC - First Place 2005
·North Carolina Photographers Annual Exhibition
3 Pieces, Frankie G. Weems Gallery at Meredith College, Raleigh, NC - Merit Award 2004
·Texas Photographic Society National Student Photography Competition
Juried by Keith Carter
1 Piece, Two Year Traveling Exhibition, San Antonio, TX 2004
·CCC Annual Student Photography Exhibition
1 Piece, Carteret Community College, Morehead City, NC 2004
·14th Annual “Art from the Heart” Exhibition
2 Pieces, Art Council of Carteret County, Morehead City, NC 2004
·CCA Competitive Exhibition
1 Piece, Community Council for the Arts, Kinston, NC 2004
·Emotion Sickness (Solo Exhibition)
28 Pieces, The Vineyard, Raleigh, NC 2002

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